St. Louis Crime Took a Big Drop Last Year


The crime rate in St. Louis took a drastic drop last year, according to St. Louis saw a large drop in both violent and property crimes last year, which even topped the national drop that was recently announced by the FBI. The nation saw a dip in crime last year. Violent crimes were down 5.5 percent and property crimes were down 2.8 percent … [Read more...]

St. Louis is a Top City for Home Buyers

St Louis Arch

If you’ve been waiting to buy your home in the St. Louis area, now is the best time to take that leap. House prices are down and renting prices are sky high; purchasing a St. Louis home, now, is a great investment, according to a CNN Money article. Median home prices have gone down in recent years while rent remains high. The average rent price in the … [Read more...]