Participate in Columbia’s City Wide Yard Sale Before You Move

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If you are living in Monroe County, IL and you are about to move out of your home, then odds are that you have a lot of possessions that you aren’t going to take with you. Instead of giving them away or throwing them out, why not try selling them at Columbia’s City Wide Yard Sale before you leave? For two days every year on April 25th and April … [Read more...]

Tips for Handling Columbia’s Winter if You’re Moving From the South

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For people used to living in hotter climes, snow is fun in small doses, but much less so once it becomes a regular occurrence. However, the kind of winter found in places such as Columbus is not an insurmountable obstacle, meaning that it can become normal and commonplace with a little time. Here is how to handle winter if you buy a home in Columbia, … [Read more...]

Moving to St. Louis? Compare Your Cost of Living

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Everyone knows a dollar doesn't buy as much as it did when you were a child. Not everyone knows that what today's dollar will buy varies widely in different areas of the country. If you plan to sell or buy a home in metro St. Louis you should consider using a cost of living calculator to determine how much money you really need to earn to maintain your … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Fund Your Home Purchase With Home Buying Credits

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Buying a home in St. Louis is easier when you utilize MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificate). This program offers a tax credit based on the percentage of your mortgage interest rate. Other home buying credit programs include: Down Payment Assistance (DAP) lowers the amount of cash you need up front. You have to be within certain income limits and not have … [Read more...]

Understand the Process of Getting a Mortgage

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Obtaining a mortgage doesn’t have to be a difficult ordeal. When you want to buy a home in metro St. Louis, you start by understanding your own assets. Credit and Debt Try to gauge how much money you currently owe. Your credit check isn’t the only factor that a lender considers, but it does make a difference. Get your credit report and see … [Read more...]