If You Want to Buy Your First Home, 2015 Will Be a Great Year to Do It

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Are you strongly considering the purchase of your first home sometime in the near future? If so, then we suggest making the leap in 2015. From the looks of things, 2015 will be the perfect time to buy a new home, especially for younger home buyers. According to predictions made by Zillow based on existing data, the costs of renting will continue to … [Read more...]

Stage Your Home With Warmth and Light for Winter Buyers

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If you’re selling a home in Columbia, IL, then you've certainly heard about how important it is to stage your home in order to attract potential buyers. One of the things to keep in mind when staging your home is the season of the year. For example, this winter, you should use warmth and light to stage your home. The following are a few tips to do just … [Read more...]

Get Your House All Decorated for Your Holiday Guests

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Are you planning on inviting guests over for the holidays this year? If you are, then you’ll probably want to make your home more inviting by decorating it for the holidays. The following are a few decorating ideas that you can use for inspiration: Throw blankets – Adding a few throw blankets to the furniture in your living room is a great … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your New Columbia Home at Reifschneider’s Grill and Grape

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Have you just bought a new home in Columbia? If you have, then congratulations! Now that you’re living in Monroe County, IL, you can enjoy some of its many local amenities. In fact, why not celebrate your new home with family and friends by visiting Reifschneider’s Grill and Grape? Reifschneider’s Grill & Grape is an excellent place to grab … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Home Before You Move: Columbia Will Pick Up Large Curbside Items on December 2

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Are you selling a home in Columbia, IL? If you are, then odds are you’re going to try to get rid of some of your personal items before you move – especially items you no longer need. There’s no need to move old pieces of furniture that you don’t want to keep, after all. If you plan on selling your home this year, then get your large items sorted for … [Read more...]