Midwest Outdoor Maintenance Tips

The winter was rough for most of the United States. As we celebrate the melting snow and warming weather here in the Midwest, we can also take a look at how to get our homes back in shape.

Neglected sprinkler systems may cause costly damages.

Proper drainage prevents foundation problems and damp basements. Midwestern soil (clay) does not absorb water as easily as other soils. To minimize and prevent damages, ensure that your home is equipped with the adequate grading, gutters, and downspouts and that each is cleared of debris.

Out of sight, out of mind is a problem for homeowners with a sprinkler system. Systems often go neglected and may cause significant problems. Turn on the system, wait about three hours, then check for any dry spots that may indicate a blocked pipe or knotted supply line. Puddles are also problematic, as they signal leaks in your system. If left undrained and disregarded, pipes may freeze and crack, in turn creating more leaks or causing flooding problems in your yard.

Protect the structures that protect you. Check fence posts by giving them a good push and pull. If a post rocks, it may be a sign of rot at the base or simply unstable soil. Make sure that soil is packed firmly around the base. If you still have movement, the post is likely rotted. Replace the post or stabilize it by installing a steel post beside it. Secure the two posts with wire.

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