Can an Older Home Be Retrofitted for Resale Value?

old Victorian home

Older homes offer a charming lifestyle, but must also be kept up to date more frequently.

Living in an older home often means that you enjoy the style of the time it was built. Older homes often boast architectural detailing and character that’s hard to find in new homes. Unfortunately, living in an older home can also mean that the energy codes and requirements that it was built with, are far different than those of today. If the home isn’t kept up to date it may be difficult to sell when the time comes. If you plan ahead though, you can easily retrofit your home for some serious resale value.

Often referred to as “green” retrofits, improving your home’s energy could allow for about 30 percent in utility savings. Begin by having an energy audit done on your home – this will give you an idea of specific areas of home improvement and savings you can focus on. To pay for the updates, there are even several financing options such as rebate programs and energy conservation loans.

Not only will your future home buyers thank you, but you’ll also get to experience a more comfortable atmosphere while you remain in the home. To learn more about how to improve your home to sell it, just contact your local real estate experts at the Linda Frierdich Team by calling 866-598-1179.


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