St. Louis is a Top City for Home Buyers

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Now is the time to buy a house in St. Louis.

If you’ve been waiting to buy your home in the St. Louis area, now is the best time to take that leap. House prices are down and renting prices are sky high; purchasing a St. Louis home, now, is a great investment, according to a CNN Money article.

Median home prices have gone down in recent years while rent remains high. The average rent price in the St. Louis area is over 20 percent higher than the average mortgage payment. The housing prices will inevitably improve, and buying an affordable home now will be a great investment in the coming years.

A recent article in St. Louis Today showed that the St. Louis job market is the healthiest it’s been in years. Thousands of jobs have been added to the Greater St. Louis market in the past few months and unemployment has dropped.

This is a great time to buy your home in St. Louis, and Linda Frierdich can help make your search easy. Call her today to get started.

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