Some Tips to Help Settle In to Your New Home

It may take a little longer than getting that last box unpacked to truly be settled in to your new home. Here are a couple handy tips from to help you finally get settled in to your new home.

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Meet your neighbors to get the inside scoop on your new neighborhood.

Even if you’ve discovered the local grocery store, a few restaurants in your area and a nearby pub or club, you still don’t really know your neighborhood until you know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to a few of your neighbors, they have lived in the area longer and should be able to offer some insight to the surrounding area.

As you may have just discovered, real estate transactions require a lot of paperwork. Get your paperwork organized and filed away for safekeeping. You may also want to make copies and store them in an offsite location, like a safety deposit box.

Now that you are officially living in your new house, start compiling a room by room checklist of things you would like to improve or items that need maintenance. Make sure your smoke detectors have fresh batteries, replace air filters in your HVAC system and note any scenery changes you would like to make in a particular room.

If you still haven’t found your dream home, contact Linda Frierdich today to speed up your search.

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