New Home Exterior Trends Boast Simplicity

There was a time in real estate when buyer’s biggest priorities were homes that boasted extravagance. Large foyers, intricate exterior designs, and elaborate décor were all hallmarks of the time. But as the years have passed, a new trend that gravitates toward simplicity and functionality has emerged and taken over. 

house in a box

If you were buying a home, would a simple exterior be something you'd look for?

In a recent survey conducted by the American Institute of Architects, we find that buyers are consistently ranking simple exterior details, along with strong building materials and easy maintenance, as their highest priorities when purchasing a home. Homes that are intricate and can be difficult to maintain now have a much smaller market to appeal to.

If you are thinking about selling your home in the next few years, make sure that you keep these trends in mind. Though trends may seem to come and go, this one may certainly have some staying power.

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