St. Louis Crime Took a Big Drop Last Year


St. Louis crime drops more than the national average.

The crime rate in St. Louis took a drastic drop last year, according to St. Louis saw a large drop in both violent and property crimes last year, which even topped the national drop that was recently announced by the FBI.

The nation saw a dip in crime last year. Violent crimes were down 5.5 percent and property crimes were down 2.8 percent in 2010. These findings were only compiled from cities containing 100,000 citizens or more. St. Louis numbers dropped more than twice as far in both categories. Violent crimes dropped an astonishing 15.6 percent and property crime was down 7.7 percent.

Common theory is that crime increases during harder economic times, so these numbers were expected to increase, not decrease. Experts believe that the lower crime statistics on a national level are due to record low rates of inflation.

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