Savings from Low Interest Rates Add Up!

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It may come as no shock to you that the record low mortgage rates that have swept the nation are beginning to pay off big time. As the numbers begin to roll in, we are finding that homeowners are saving a significant amount of money in comparison to years past, and the savings might surprise you. On average, a homeowner is now able to save more than … [Read more...]

St. Louis Ranked as a Top City for Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

While much of the country continues to struggle with real estate values and unemployment rates, several cities stand above the rest and fortunately, St. Louis is one of these cities. As the nation struggled with severe losses during the housing bust, St. Louis homes didn’t lose nearly as much value as most. We’ve also been fortunate enough to maintain … [Read more...]

How to be a Successful Homebuyer

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As we have shared with you many times before on the Linda Frierdich Blog, today’s market is primed and ready for homebuyers! The opportunities are simply golden. Though real estate deals abound however, there is still room for homebuyer error that could jeopardize these deals. That’s where our team comes in. Before you begin your home search, take a look … [Read more...]