Illinois Named Top State for Eco-Friendly Building


With the ever increasing recognition that we must be more environmentally conscious, it is exciting news to hear that Illinois has been named the most eco-friendly when it comes to sustainable building design by the U.S. Green Building Council. In particular, Illinois is home to almost 30 million square feet of certified green buildings. This type of … [Read more...]

Despite Tough Winter Weather and Slow Sales, Home Prices Still Moving Up in Illinois

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With the polar vortex dipping down, temperatures have been well beneath their averages. The same cannot be said for Illinois median home prices, which climbed 9.6 percent over last years numbers. This makes selling a home in Columbia IL more attractive than it has been in nearly five years. Thirty of 102 counties in Illinois showed an increase in … [Read more...]

If You’re Planning to Sell Your Home, Know What to Fix First

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You want your home to look its best in order to grab the attention of potential buyers, but some repairs and upgrades are either too expensive or too time-consuming to be worthwhile. This guide will help you decide what things you should fix now and what can be left for the buyers. Features to upgrade: Flooring: Wood floors are a huge appeal for … [Read more...]

Great Information to Get at an Open House

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When you are shopping for a new home, visiting open houses is an ideal way to explore different properties and envision yourself living in another home. However, to get the most out of an open house visit, you must ask the right questions. Current offers. Find out if there is much competition for the property or if sellers have previously rejected offers … [Read more...]

Last Year’s Home Prices Helped Boost the Economy

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There is good news for millions of American homeowners: the average house price increased in 2013. The increase in home prices has added over two trillion dollars worth of home equity to the housing market, and has reduced the number of homes that have outstanding mortgages worth more than the home's resale value by over a third. This is not only great real … [Read more...]