Clean Out Your Home Before You Move: Columbia Will Pick Up Large Curbside Items on December 2

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Are you selling a home in Columbia, IL? If you are, then odds are you’re going to try to get rid of some of your personal items before you move – especially items you no longer need. There’s no need to move old pieces of furniture that you don’t want to keep, after all. If you plan on selling your home this year, then get your large items sorted for … [Read more...]

Improve Your Curb Appeal by Taking Advantage of Columbia’s Leaf Pick-Up

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The curb appeal of your home is very important, especially if you are trying to sell your house. However, curb appeal isn’t just dependent on the physical appearance of your house – the tidiness of your yard is also a factor. That’s why you should make sure that rake those fall leaves to the end of your property and take advantage of Columbia’s leaf … [Read more...]

Plan Smart for Your Thanksgiving Trip

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If you’re selling a home in St. Louis and you’re trying to figure out what to do for Thanksgiving, you may want to just travel to a friend or family member’s home instead of trying prepare your home for guests. The following are a few tips for traveling during Thanksgiving: Book ahead of time – You may be able to find some bargains on … [Read more...]

The GLOW Lighted Holiday Parade is a Must-See Event

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The holiday season is finally upon us, which means that there are going to be plenty of events in Monroe County to check out with the entire family. For example, you won’t want to miss the GLOW Lighted Holiday Parade! This Christmas parade, which is sponsored by GLOW (the Great Ladies of Waterloo) will take place on Saturday, November 29th at 5:30 … [Read more...]

Visit the Art & Craft Fall Fair for New Home Decor and Holiday Gifts

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One of the great things about the holiday season is that there will be numerous events in Believille, IL that will be worth attending. One event that we highly recommend you check out is the Art & Craft Fall Fair where you’ll be able to pick up new home décor as well as holiday gifts. The Art & Craft Fall Fair will feature more than 400 … [Read more...]