Have a Goulish Good Time on Historic Main Street


If you’re hoping that there won’t be a lack of things to do in Columbia, IL during the upcoming Halloween season, don’t be afraid! There will be plenty of Halloween-themed events and activities to participate in. In fact, we recommend you head down to historic Main Street in order to check out the Witches Ghoulish Night Out event. The Witches … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your New Home With Award-Winning Columbia Barbecue

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There’s nothing quite like closing on a new home, so if you’ve done just that, then congratulations! Odds are you’ll be taking your family out to dinner as a way to celebrate. We would like to recommend Bully’s Smokehouse for some of the best barbecue in the city. Bully’s Smokehouse serves traditional St. Louis style barbecue, which means … [Read more...]

Columbia Entertains Families With Free Movies at Metter

things to do in Columbia

There’s no shortage of events in Columbia, no matter what the time of the year it might be. If you happen to be looking for some family-friendly events that are suitable for all ages, then we would like to point you out to the Movies at Metter event. Movies at Metter are a series of outdoor movies shown at Metter Park. The fantastic thing about this … [Read more...]

Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Hidden Costs of Homeownership

buying a home in metro St. Louis

Deciding to buy a home in Columbia, IL is a huge step to take, although a very exciting one. However, we always like to remind potential buyers of the costs of home ownership. Many buyers don’t understand that owning a home can be more expensive than they might think. The following are a few of the hidden costs of home ownership that you should be aware … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Emotional Aspect of Home Buying With a Stubborn Seller

selling a home in Columbia IL

The home buying process isn’t always as easy as you would like it to be. This is especially true if you find a house you like but are caught having to deal with a difficult seller. The following are a few tips for dealing with a difficult seller: Don’t over analyze – If the seller rejected your offer, don’t spend too much time trying to … [Read more...]